An argument that does not go together, (metal 100x100 cm) 2017

  Rehearsal of a dissolving truth (aquarelle on paper and music stand), 2017

  On hold (steel and painted infinity), 2017

 Bortom gällande avtal (metal springs, various sizes), 2016
Present tense, sounding like an echo, 2015 (fibre cement board, nails, 40 x 250cm) 
Present tense, sounding like an echo. Installation view, Elastic Gallery, Stockholm, 2015
More images and text from the exhibition here >

Complex, pretending to be straight, 2015 (wooden shelf, metal string)

The third wheel (rubber hose, metal and wooden wedge), 2015

 The optimist thought, 2014. (wood, bandage 170 x 9 x 9cm) Photo by Lena Kienzer/ Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
Referring to thousands (indecisiveness and dissension). Leather shoes, lead, 2014

    State of Mind, 2013. (Video loop, color, sound, 6 min. Sound by Carl Lindh)                                                      Moving image Link 

Concrete Quietude, 2013. (Video loop (color, sound), 5.30 min. In collaboration with Carl Lindh).                                                                Moving image Link  
It won't be the same, 2013. (Cardboard box 20 x 25 x 16 cm and metal spring).

...perspective, 2013. (Brushed linoleum 50 x 65 cm. 2 nails, 10 and 2,5 inches).

Anxiety rises, 2013. (digital print on paper 17x 21 cm).

  Returning time, 2012, (rotating infinity, anti-clockwise).                                                                                                  Moving image Link    

Marble corner

Iron corner
Still, stand, 2011, A pair of shoes frozen in a moment of pause and suspense. 
(Leather shoes, size 44) More images from Elastic Gallery, Malmö Link
All of this and nothing, 2011. The magic of a reflection of the sun caught in the palm of one’s hand.                  
(2:04 min video loop, color, sound).                                                                                               Moving image Link 

Stress, 2011, Nails hammered into the wall, transforming into a menacing cloud.
(500 x 250 cm, nails, various sizes). Exhibition view from Elastic gallery, Malmö. More images: Link 

Stress, 2011 (detail)
Round and round, hanging infinity, 2011. A hanging infinity on a nail on the wall.
(12 inch nail, rubber ring) More images from Elastic gallery, Malmö. Link

Choreography, 2011. Bricks performing a dance in the middle of the street.
(81 diaslides, looped carousel projection).

Exhibition view Elastic Gallery, Malmö Link

Spring, 2011. A pipe leak turning into a domestic fountain(Pipes, bucket, fountain pump and circulating water) 
Installation view from Elastic Gallery, Malmö Link

The Great Arrangement, polymer drain pipes, variable dimensions. 
Installation view Galleri Christina Wilson, Copenhagen, 2008.

During which time, any minute now, 2012. Cobblestone with a ticking clock.
(15 x15 x15 cm, cobblestone, quartz clock).

Silence, 2011 (pencils and magnifiying glass).

Reversed, 2005, vinyl on window. HAU, Athens

Still Life, 2009. An anti-monument balancing the present tense between yesterday and tomorrow.
(Brickstones, lamp post).

Fountain, installation with water, 2004. Coleman Project, London

Awaiting change, 2010 (stools in wood and metal).

YesYesYes NoNoNo, (painted aluminium) ca 2 x 1,2m

DISINTEGRATION, 2008 (painted MDF) Von Bartha Garage, Basel

The Great in the small, 2008 (rubber)
RESISTANCE, (plastic pipes and rubber) Von Bartha Garage, Basel, 2008

Lost Control, (plastic plants, soil and pots) Von Bartha Garage, Basel, 2008
Lost Control, 2008 Malmö University Hospital

Explorer, (metal pipes) Pori Art Museum, Finland) 2007

Explorer, (metal pipes) detail. Pori Art Museum, Finland) 2007