Magnus Thierfelder keeps it simple, yet he does not simplify. He collects detailed observations that sometimes translate into an art work, and sometimes not - it is a liquid boundary between the two, an attitude that embraces the organic process of transformation. He takes a particular interest in the symbolics of a lamppost or a brick that are not human, but can act as one, as they reanimate the situation they are placed in. He aims at telling a story put together from different angles and with different tempos, like bricks performing a dance in the middle of the street, nails transforming into a menacing cloud, a pair of shoes frozen in a moment of pause and suspense, a pipe leak that turns into a domestic fountain, the magic of a reflection of the sun caught in the palm of one's hand, and a hanging infinity on a nail on the wall.

Living under the rhetorics of efficiency, productivity and the expectation of a constant, unfailing success, Thierfelder's objects assume a quietly idiosyncratic position of protest and deviation. His sculptures are imbued with a subtle yet undeniable political commentary marking out the position between magic and clarity. Insisting on the knowledge and the experience inherent in the details is like listening to things closely telling us what they know about the world.

Magnus Thierfelder
Born 1976. Lives and works.

1996-01 Malmö Konsthögskola
1994-96 Konstskolan i Kristianstad

News, exhibitions and projects

- Wa(h)re Angst, Kreativzentrum EMMA Pforzheim
- On Thresholds of knowledge, Kungshuset, Lund. Link
- Show and Tell - att visa och berätta, Malmö Art Museum Link
- Ystads Konstmuseum Link
- Konstfrämjandet Stockholm -Fountain Link
- Qbox gallery, Athens Link

Solo Exhibitions

-Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden/Ulm Link
-Nässjö Konsthall
-Elastic Gallery, Thulegatan Stockholm Link
-Elastic, Stockholm Link

Forever & Today, New York Link
Galleri Syster, Luleå Link

Elastic Gallery, Malmö, Sweden Link

Von Bartha, Garage, Basel Link
Skärets Konsthall Link
Galleri Christina Wilson, Copenhagen Link
Advokatfirman VINGE, Malmö. A collaboration between
Konstfrämjandet Skåne and Vinge Link

Elastic, Malmö Link

Alberto Peola Gallery, Turin Link
Hässleholms Konsthall

Galleri 5, Lund Link
Skånes Konstförening, Malmö Link
Elastic, Malmö, Sweden.

Galleri Mors Mössa, Göteborg

Ping Pong gallery, Malmö Link
Cecilia Lundqvist, Magnus Thierfelder, Index The Swedish
Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm Link

MA, Galleri Peep, Malmö
”It’s a whole world out there”, in collaboration with Luca Frei,
Båstadgatan 4, Malmö

Selected Group Exhibitions and other projects

Artists Books- Lunds Konsthall Link
Elastic Gallery, Vagnverkstaden, Malmö
Kronoshuset, Lund

Ten Sheets of Paper at The Tokyo Art Book Fair with Carl Lindh and Sailor Press Link
Fink & friends presents a collective listening exercise «Ten Sheets of Paper» Zürich Link
Sculpture Unchaperoned, Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Vienna
Curated by Michael Kienzer Link
RE002_We Were All Rocks Once, Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki Link
fragMENtaTION 12, a book project initiated by curator Necmi Sönmez and Sanat Dünyamız.
Elastic gallery, Stockholm Link
Malmö Art Museum@Malmö Konsthall
A selection from the City of Malmö’s art collections Link

Superposition - The Trinity Museum, New York
Notes on Richard, Interstate Projects, New York
Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, New York
Ping Pong gallery, Malmö, Sweden
The Nordic Model, Malmo Art Museum Curated by Kim Einarsson, Stine Hebert and Cecilia Widenheim Link
Performing Transition at Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, curator Necmi Sönmez
Skissernas Museum, Lund - Moln/Clouds Link
Skärets Konsthall, Sweden
Von Bartha Garage, Basel - off the beaten track Link
Public Domain - Lo and Behold, Athens at Supermarket, Stockholm  Link
Victims and Martyrs - Göteborgs Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden
Edition for Lo and Behold, Athens Link
Malebog with Laerke Hein. Link
Pertaining to a Profession Proverbially Energetic and Nervous, Iscp, New York, curated by Sarah Demeuse
Von Bartha Garage, Basel (groupshow) Link
Space is the Place, LaB, Athens Link
Monkey See, Monkey Do, Centro Cultural Montehermoso Link
This is the score Part II, Elastic, Malmö
Nordic Contemporary Art, Kumo Art Museum, Tallin
1a Space, Kowloon, "Domestic Affairs" Hong Kong (Sept) Link
Perspectives - Art in Urban Spaces, Malmö, curated by
Anna Johansson Link
Konst i vården, a project by Konstfrämjandet Skåne Link
Galleria Galica, Milano "It's only a papermoon"Link
The source of inspiration, Von Bartha Garage, Basel Link

Ar/Ge KUNST, Bolzano - FANTASMATA curated by Luigi Fassi Link
The Real Thing, Malmö Art Museum Link
Von Bartha, Garage, Basel (groupshow) Link
Groupshow at ELASTIC Link
The Unfair fair, Rome, Link

Galerie von Bartha Contemporary, Basel Link
Pori Art Museum, Finland, curator Luigi Fassi Link
P-hus Caroli, Malmö
Vikingsbergs Art Museum, Helsingborg, curator Pontus Kyander
criteria: Galeria Perdida at the Schalter, Berlin Link

Dreamlands Burn, Mucsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest,
curators Edit Molnár & Lívia Páldi Link
Diorama: Sky Watchers, Coleman Projects, London,
curators Irene Amore & Frances Coleman Link
Konsthall C, Hökarängen , Sthlm Link
Besökarna, Västra hamnen, Malmö Link
ELASTIC, Malmö Link
The Breeder – LUSTFORLIFE, Athens, curator Elena Tzotzi Link
Moderna Museet – Modernautställningen, Stockholm. Link

Malmö Art Academy 10th Anniversary Show, Rooseum, Malmö
HAU, Athens, curator Artemis Potamianou

Coleman Projects, London Link
Galleri Brändström&Stene in collaboration with
Futurniture; Stockholm
Change + Partner CONTEMPORARY ART “From Nowhere
to Somewhere and Return: Dei Luoghi Assenti e Presenti”, Roma
Liquidación Total ”GO” Madrid

Galleri Magnus Åkhlundh, Malmö
ECB, Contemporary Art from Sweden, Frankfurt/Main
Swedish embassy Berlin, Contemporary Art from Sweden
Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö
Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, exchange project with
Signal, Malmö
Elastic Project, Sthlm Art Fair, organized by Ola Gustavsson

’Malmö-Oslo 1-0’ oVERstation, a project by Anna Ling for
oVERstation, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo
Artgenda, Hamburg

Region Skåne
Pori Art Museum
Malmö Konstmuseum
Statens konstråd
Gävle landsting
Lunds kommun
Hässleholms kommun

Public Art Projects, commisions etc

- Public art, Malmö New Hospital area, building 95. Commissioned by Region Skåne
Commission public art work at Brynäsvallen, Gävle. Link
- Public art, Engelbreksskolan, Sthlm. Commissioned by Stockholms Konst Link
-7 floor, 229 rooms at RadissonSAS Hotel in Malmö
(In collaboration with Rooseum)Together with
Christian Andersson
-Contemporary art in schools, project organised by
Konstfrämjandet Skåne

Grants and recidency's
IASPIS recidency in New York at ISCP for 2010/2011 Link
Artist Recidency, Athens
Konstnärsnämnden (working grant)
Region Skåne Art Award
Konstnärsnämnden (working grant)
Ellen Trotzigs stipendiefond
NIFCA Residency Tallin
Eva och Hugo Bergmans stipendiefond
Helge Ax:son Johnsson stipendiefond
Dannfeldska stiftelsens stipendiefond


2015-2016 -Visiting professor at Funen Art Academy, Odense. Link 
 Founding member of SIGNAL - 
Center for
Contemporary Art in Malmö Link